Programs ..

The Lazarus Foundation: Asia Pacific provides financial assistance to deserving students through two available programs:

Operation Outreach - Southeast Asia ..
This is a joint effort between the LF-AP and the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC). Together, we award scholarships to students who demonstrate academic excellence and financial need. Currently, the program offers annual scholarships of $200 or more to select students in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. In the future, we also plan to offer $500-$1000 scholarships for students living in Oahu.

Long-Term Sponsorship Program ..
We have partnered with the Quang Tri Education Assistance and Promotion Association in Vietnam to facilitate a one-on-one support program. This allows donors to sponsor an individual child for an extended period of time. Donations start at as little as .75 cents a day and are limited only by the giver’s generosity. In return, donors will receive quarterly updates and letters from their student summarizing their academic progress.

Future Program Goals ..
We hope to add programming that supports youth involved with various agencies, such as the Department of Social Services, Juvenile Justice Probation and Parole, Mental Health, and Department of Education. These programs will help prepare youth ages 14-18 for independent life as an adult. Counselors will be available to assist students in educational matters, as well as life skills, such as personal finance and budgeting.

Needs Assessment ..
A majority of the earth’s population can be found in Southeast Asia. Many of the civilizations found there outdate American culture by thousands of years. And yet, these are some of the poorest, underdeveloped countries in the world. In many small towns and villages, formal education is poor to nonexistent. Some of the reasons for this include:

The Lazarus Foundation: Asia Pacific is working to correct these imbalances, and provide a higher quality of education to these regions. Over the past year, we have helped dozens of students fulfill their academic potential. In order to keep our mission alive, we require funding for staffing, supplies, and other general operating expenses.

Program Goals and Objectives ..
Our main goal is to reach children in rural communities with little or no academic resources. The specific goals of our foundation are as follows: In order to be successful in the above goals, we must first complete the following objectives: Methodology ..
The Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (“JPAC”) deploys five teams consisting of one civilian and eleven military personnel for six weeks deployments, four times a year. Each team is sent to remote areas in Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Once there, they begin the difficult task of tracking MIA soldiers through various archeological methods. The Lazarus Foundation: Asia Pacific gives each team approximately $2,000 to buy school supplies, textbooks, writing materials, and a computer when Internet connection is available.

Scholarship applicants are required to submit an online application and undergo an interview by a LF-AP representative. Students must also submit the following forms: Students applying from Southeast Asia can substitute the transcript with a principal's letter and a copy of the student's grade reports. All students applying should have a minimum of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, demonstrate serious financial need, and participate in community services. All transcripts and letters must be postmarked within a week of application submission to the address in the contact page.

For our sponsorship program, donors must fill out a form specifying the amount they agree to contribute, and the expenses they will cover. Sponsors can support a student for a semester, year, or a two-year period. Our staff will review the form and connect the sponsor with a needy student. Students are chosen for this program by their individual schools for demonstrating severe financial need, high academic performance, and strength of character.

The sponsor will receive quarterly reviews of how their money is being spent along with personal letters written by the student detailing their academic progress. These letters will be checked by the Lazarus Foundation to insure the integrity and safety of the student involved before being forwarded to the sponsor.

Evaluation ..
The success of our foundation is measured by the number of students served and if the stated activities are completed. We will look at the quality of academic performance these students achieve as measured by semester grades and test performance. Students’ letters to sponsors will also be evaluated for noted improvement.

Short-term success will be measured by an increase in the number of participating schools and students. We will rely heavily on our program partners to monitor student progress and safety. Long-term success will be judged by our ability to increase scholarship amounts and extension of our program into Oahu. Further expansion of our programs may be considered in the future as staffing and financial capabilities continue to grow.

Our Board of Directors will perform formative evaluations on a regular basis to determine how we can better meet the needs of students in our programs. As the foundation progresses, this time period will be extended. At the end of the year, we will conduct a summative evaluation to determine the overall effectiveness of our programs. We will use this information to improve the organization for the upcoming year.

Budget ..
All of the Foundation’s operating expenses are currently funded by personal donations from Mr. and Mrs. Donovan Lazarus. In an effort to help cover costs, the Lazarus Foundation Business Center was opened on May 1, 2006. It is an authorized shipping facility for DHL, FedEx, and USPS with Internet, copier, and fax services available to the public. It is too soon to tell how much revenue the Business Center will bring in on an annual basis.