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The Lazarus Foundation Business Center is an authorized shipping center for FedEx, DHL and USPS. We offer discount shipping: 15 percent off all domestic shipping and 20 percent off all international shipping. What make our Business Center unique to our competition are Price, Service and Customer Satisfaction! Our goal is to provide the highest quality service in the shipping industry here in Honolulu at the lowest price available. We want your shipping experience to be an enjoyment not troublesome. Our highly trained staff is here to assist you no matter what or where you are shipping to. We can get it done.

Our price beat out the competitions. Additional shipping charges are added by the major courier/shipping companies that many businesses are not aware of. One is where your business is classified as an “on-call” pick-up versus a regular pick-up. To be a regular pick-up you must ship out a certain package volume and dollar amount per month. Most business here in Honolulu does not qualify as a regular “pick-up”. Therefore a $4.00 surcharge is added to each package by the major courier. That’s not per pick-up stop but per each package. This alone can cost $$$.

At the Lazarus Foundation Business Center this unnecessary expense is totally eliminated. This alone can save you lots of dollars or more a year. Contact us today for all of your shipping, packing, copying, and faxing needs. And yes, you will get a 15% discount of all your FedEx, DHL domestic air shipments and 20 % off all FedEx, DHL International shipments. We’ll pick up your packages from wherever you are just give us a call.

PHONE: (808)450-2077 FAX: 808-689-7630
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At 758 Kapahulu

Fed Ex - 2 Days - # 10 box from 96706 to 32812 $33.33 $52.56 $18.93
Fed Ex - Letter from 96706 to 10017

$26.78 (Priority)
$23.13 (Standard)

$37.33 (Priority)
$33.61 (Standard)
$10.55 (Priority)
$11.48 (Standard)
Fed Ex - # 5 box (12x12x12) from 96706 to 92710 $39.26 (Resident) $49.66 $10.40
Fed Ex - # 25 box (20x20x20)from 96706 to Manila, Philippines $295.08 (Priority)
$276.35 (Standard)
$343.75 (Priority)
$306.37 (Standard)
$48.67 (Priority)
$30.02 (Standard)

Survey conducted from February 23 through February 27, 2006 via telephone. The Lazarus Foundation Business Center is not responsible for misquoted prices from this telephone survey from its competitors. The Lazarus Foundation Business Center rates are base on 15% off domestic air shipments and 20% off International air shipments.